House of Representatives

2022 Interim Studies Proposals

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22-001 Reviewing the current procedures and design of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.Sterling, DannyTRANSApproved
22-002 Oklahoma Rural Development Through Industrial Hemp (cannabis) ProductionSmith, David, Fetgatter, S; Williams, D; Waldron, J; Fugate, A; Ranson, T.; Allen, M; Pederson, R; Dossett, J.A.AGApproved as House Study
22-003 Uninsured MotoristsGrego, JimINSApproved
22-004 Effective Practices to Increase Test Scores in Elementary and Middle SchoolsRandleman, Randy COMEDApproved
22-005 Qualified ImmunityHumphrey, JustinCRIMJCApproved
22-006 Data CollectionHumphrey, JustinCRIMJCApproved
22-007 Community SupervisionHumphrey, JustinCRIMJCApproved
22-008 Examine sensible policy proposals to ensure Oklahomans have a level playing field at achieving homeownership in the competitive real-estate market.Dollens, MickeyBUSApproved
22-009 The scope and impact of unsafe and unhealthy housing conditions across Oklahoma, and potential solutions to address those conditions.Dollens, MickeyBUSApproved
22-010 Review of Oklahoma Sunset LawCrosswhite Hader, Denise; West, KevinADMINApproved
22-011 Modernizing the 1948 Unfair Sales Act’s mandatory minimum mark-up on gasoline and dieselOsburn, MikeRULESApproved
22-012 Funding 781Humphrey, JustinCRIMJCApproved
22-013 Open Meeting ActPae, Daniel; Fugate, Andy; Howard, BrentGOVMODApproved - Joint with Senate
22-014 Community SchoolsWest, TammyCOMEDApproved
22-015 Adding agencies to Oklahoma Law Enforcement Retirement (OLERS) PensionHumphrey, JustinBANKApproved
22-016 Sales Tax-Exemption for 501-(c)(3) charitable non-profit organizations based in Oklahoma and within good standing with the Secretary of State.Stark, MarilynA&B FinanceApproved
22-017 School Security in OklahomaRosecrants, Jacob; Pae, DanielCOMEDApproved
22-018 Organized theft from retailers-smash and grab theftsWorthen, RandeJUDCRIMApproved
22-019 Criminalized Domestic Violence SurvivorsHasenbeck, ToniJUDCRIMApproved
22-020 Oklahoma Workforce EmpowermentBennett,ForrestBUSApproved
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