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April 2018
April 2018

Previously Considered Measures for 4/19/2018

SA HB1298 By Sears of the House and Paxton of the Senate.Professions and occupations; Fire Extinguisher Industry Committee; modifying meeting procedures; effective date.
HR1030 By Sears of the House.Commendation; commending Mr. Malcolm J. McPherson, Jr. and Mr. James M. (Mike) Robinson for their service; distribution.
HR1033 By West (Rick) of the House.Sending heartfelt remembrances to families, friends and neighbors of those killed in the terrorist bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building; directing distribution.
SB1147 By Hardin of the House and Simpson of the Senate.Water and water rights; modifying jurisdiction of Department of Environmental Quality; expanding Department jurisdiction. Effective date.
SB1171 By Wright of the House and Jech of the Senate.Workforce development; creating the Work-based Learning Program; establishing certain goals for apprentices. Effective date. Emergency.
SB1261 By Cleveland of the House and Dahm of the Senate.State capitol and capitol buildings; repealing certain provisions related to Capitol Complex Centennial Commission and Centennial County Courthouses. Effective date.
SB1520 By Jordan of the House and Quinn of the Senate.Oil and gas; modifying job requirements for Liquefied Petroleum Gas Administrator; modifying application of LPG Regulation Act to transport trucks. Emergency.
SB1538 By Teague of the House and Fry of the Senate.Oklahoma Inspectors Act; changing license expiration; exemption of certain municipality. Effective date.
SB883 By Montgomery of the House and Thompson of the Senate.Bank privilege tax; modifying time period during which certain credit may be claimed. Effective date.
SB922 By Hardin of the House and Simpson of the Senate.Soldiers and sailors; establishing the Oklahoma Women Veterans Program. Effective date.
SB931 By Hardin of the House and Simpson of the Senate.Soldiers and sailors; authorizing Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs to accept certain gifts. Effective date.
SB940 By Worthen of the House and Standridge of the Senate.Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act; adding certain controlled substances as Schedule I. Effective date.
SB943 By McEntire of the House and Floyd of the Senate.Income tax refund donations; authorizing donation to Oklahoma AIDS Care Revolving Fund; creating revolving fund. Effective date.
SB997 By Thomsen of the House and Rader of the Senate.Public health and safety; amending definition relating to the Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act. Effective date.