House of Representatives

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May 2022
May 2022

Previously Considered Measures for 5/17/2022

CCR HB2233 By Sims of the House and Haste of the Senate.Counties and county officers; powers of county commissioners; construing language; emergency.
CCR HB3056 By Sims of the House and Paxton of the Senate.Cities and towns; Municipal Campaign Finance and Financial Disclosure Act; enforcement; fines; ordinances; effective date.
CCR HB3144 By West (Kevin) of the House and Murdock of the Senate.Firearms; defining terms; prohibiting governmental entities from contracting with the companies unless contracts contain certain written verification; effective date.
CCR HB3639 By Dempsey of the House and David of the Senate.Hunting; hunting licenses; modifying fees; emergency.
CCR SB524 By Sneed of the House and Quinn of the Senate.Workers' compensation insurance; directing Insurance Commissioner to develop assigned risk plan providing workers' compensation insurance; repealing CompSource Mutual Insurance Company Act. Effective date.