House of Representatives

* Session Only Employees 
Louise Aldridge Receptionist/Back-up LA
Carolina Attaway Staff Attorney
Ryan Bair Deputy Chief Counsel
Charles Barnett Sergeant - 3rd floor Chief
Jamie Benda Scheduling Clerk
Bob Bentley Supply Clerk
Reid Berry Sergeant
Sharon Beuchaw* Enrolling & Engrossing Clerk
Dan Brooks Research Analyst
Charles Brown House Services Manager
Debbie Brown Receptionist/Back-up LA
Joe Bullock Sergeant
LaQuetta Bush Payroll Manager
Emily Byrne Research Analyst
Wesley Carter Press Secretary – House Democratic Caucus
C.J. Cavin Parliamentarian & Deputy General Counsel
Alan Christy House Maintenance Assistant
Belinda Clark Control Clerk
Kathie Darr Director of Special Projects/Scheduler to the Speaker
John Dawson Chief of Security
Nitasha Devan Director of Policy and Legislation
Quyen Do Policy Analyst/Redistricting Coordinator
Ellis Ebel Director of Human Resources
John Estus Senior Advisor/Policy and Communications
Beth Ford Receptionist/Back-up LA
Tori Garrett Press Secretary – House Republican Caucus
Emily Giles Chief Clerk
Terry Groover Enrolling & Engrossing Clerk
Sue Haralson Page and Internship Coordinator
Matthew Harouff Enrolling & Engrossing Clerk
Mark Harter Chief Counsel
Dirk Harzman Junior Systems Engineer
Troy Hehenberger House Services and Maintenance Supervisor
Robert Hendricks Deputy Director of IT/Senior Systems Engineer
Catherine Hensley* Control Clerk
Diane Hiltabidle Bill Processing Assistant Supervisor
Tricia Hines Policy Analyst/GIS Coordinator
Andra Holder Staff Attorney
Collette Houchen Calendar Clerk/Executive Assistant
Jeff Hubbard Staff Attorney
Terri Ihnat Assistant to Appropriations and Budget
Maggi Jo Bedford* Messenger / Runner
Stacy Johnson Fiscal Policy Analyst II
Marshall Jones Staff Attorney I
Erin Kennedy Senior Staff Attorney
Karen Kipgen House Chamber Receptionist
Devon Lam Technical Support Analyst II
Breanna Larman Assistant Journal Clerk/Assistant Subject Index Clerk
Jacob Laughlin Staff Attorney
Lacey Lewis* Messenger I
Sam Lucas Assistant to House Staff
Kris Mattison Journal Clerk
Clayton Mayfield Fiscal Policy Analyst
Mike McKinney* Deputy Chief Sergeant
Emily McPherson Research Analyst
John McPhetridge Deputy Director of Fiscal/Fiscal Staff Attorney
Lina Mears Senior Software Developer
Suzie Nahach Research Analyst
Katelyn Niles Staff Attorney I
Lori Oldham Administrative Support Supervisor/Assistant Control Clerk
Charde Ortiz* Messenger / Runner
Shawn Paine Deputy Parliamentarian
Jake Parsons Senior Leadership Assistant
Tricia Pemberton Deputy Director of Communications & Public Affairs – House Republican Caucus
Clay Rhodes Leadership Assistant/Caucus Liaison
Katie Rivera Constituent Services/Special Projects
T.J. Robinson Director of Information Technology
Rick Rose Chief of Staff/Special Counsel to the Speaker
Mariah Searock Fiscal Policy Analyst
Daniel Seitz Director of Communications & Public Affairs – House Republican Caucus
Grace Shelton Deputy Chief Counsel
Marilyn Shewmaker* Bill Processing Control Clerk
Nathan Shugart Fiscal Policy Analyst
Phillip Starks, Sr. Chief Sergeant
Matthew Stevenson Junior Software Developer
Cole Stout Fiscal Policy Analyst
Jason Sutton Director of Operations & Administration
Keana Swadley Research Analyst
Sherri Tate Applications Specialist
Jeff Taylor Print/Mail Clerk
Patti Thomas Bill Processing Supervisor
Harrison Thornton* Messenger I
Stacey Trivitt Comptroller
Mark Tygret Director of Fiscal
Jason Warfe Director of Digital & Multimedia
Harvey Weathers Sergeant - 4th floor Chief
Brad Wolgamott Director of Research
Hunter Zearley Appointments and Leadership Assistant