House of Representatives

The House Bill Processing Department encodes and proofreads all requests for house bills and house resolutions. Once a bill or resolution has been approved, the bill or resolution is electronically delivered to the author. The author then files the bill or resolution with the Chief Clerk’s office. House Bill Processing encodes and proofreads all committee substitutes. House Bill Processing creates all Floor Versions and produces all Engrossed and Enrolled measures. In addition, House Bill Processing updates the Oklahoma Statutes on the website.

Staff Name with Email Link/Job Title
* Session Only Employees
Patti Thomas   
Bill Processing Supervisor
    Russell Nichols   
   Lead Proofer
       Sharon Beuchaw*   
      Proofing Specialist
       Diane Hiltabidle   
      Proofer Specialist Temp
    Carole Glover*   
    Marilyn Shewmaker*   
    Jonita Thomas*   
   Control Clerk
    Linda Chambers*   
    Peter Wright