House of Representatives

Under the direction of the Chief Sergeant at Arms as established by House Rules, the House Sergeant at Arms shall preserve order, thereby maintaining the security and services for the House chamber, offices and conference rooms. The Sergeant at Arms attend all House sessions in order to maintain order under the direction of the presiding officer. The Chief Sergeant at Arms is also responsible for the scheduling of House committee rooms. The Sergeant at Arms shall have a working knowledge of the legislative process and terminology, and establish and maintain effective working relationship with House members, other House employees and with the general public.

Staff Name with Email Link/Job Title
* Session Only Employees
Dennis Baker   
Chief Sgt at Arms, Emeritus
    Joe Bullock   
   Chief Sgt at Arms
       Karen Kipgen   
      Page Supervisor
       Mary Kay Niles*   
      House Chamber Receptionist
       Charles Barnett   
      3rd Floor Chief
       Harvey Weathers   
      4th Floor Chief
       Gene Ramsey   
      5th floor Chief
       Phillip Starks (Sr)   
      Assistant Chief Sgt At Arms
       Thien Nguyen   
       Jess Abram   
       Ray Kerchee   
      Sergeant - Page Assistant
       James Grim*   
      Sergeant - East Parking Lot Attendant
       Reid Berry*   
      Sergeant - South Parking Lot Attendant
    Charles Bray   
   Chief of Security