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HCR1001 4/6/2020  Amendment Information
HCR1002 4/6/2020  Amendment Information
SB1053 4/6/2020  Amendment Information
SB199 4/6/2020  Amendment Information
SB617 4/6/2020  Amendment Information
HR1033 3/17/2020  Amendment Information
SB661 3/17/2020  Amendment Information
SCR8 3/17/2020  Amendment Information
SB1054 3/16/2020  Amendment Information
HB3743 3/11/2020  Amendment Information
HB1031 3/10/2020  Amendment Information
HB1112 3/10/2020  Amendment Information
HB1287 3/10/2020  Amendment Information
HB1546 3/10/2020  Amendment Information
HB1799 3/10/2020  Amendment Information
HB2500 3/10/2020  Amendment Information
HB2637 3/10/2020  Amendment Information
HB2780 3/10/2020  Amendment Information
HB2813 3/10/2020  Amendment Information
HB3018 3/10/2020  Amendment Information
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