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House Floor Votes for 2019 - 57th Legislature

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Details 04/18/2019SB337Mopeds; modifying areas where mopeds are allowedGregoTHIRD READING PASSED83/12
Details 04/18/2019SB430Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation;OsburnTHIRD READING PASSED94/0
Details 04/18/2019SB448State Department of Health; authorizing stateMangerTHIRD READING PASSED92/1
Details 04/18/2019SB690Motor vehicles; modifying certain vehicle heightFrixTHIRD READING PASSED97/0
Details 04/18/2019SB378Drive licenses; examination of applicants;FrixTHIRD READING PASSED92/0
Details 04/18/2019SB375Motor vehicles; providing for exceptions toFrixTHIRD READING PASSED89/5
Details 04/18/2019SB732Uniform Consumer Credit Code; modifying referenceMcEntireTHIRD READING PASSED88/6
Details 04/18/2019SB113Sales of alcoholic beverages on credit; RetailMcEntireTHIRD READING PASSED86/8
Details 04/18/2019SB444Elections; modifying provisions relating toWrightTHIRD READING PASSED64/32
Details 04/18/2019SB444Elections; modifying provisions relating toWrightADOPT AMENDMENT PASSED54/26
Details 04/18/2019SB444Elections; modifying provisions relating toWrightSUSPEND HOUSE RULES PASSED70/20
Details 04/18/2019SB261Election security; granting certain authority toWrightTHIRD READING PASSED93/2
Details 04/18/2019SB510[Quality Events Incentive Act; modifyingFetgatterTHIRD READING PASSED95/2
Details 04/18/2019SB882Medical marijuana; creating the Oklahoma MedicalFetgatterTHIRD READING PASSED96/1
Details 04/18/2019SB532Foreclosure of medical marijuana businesses;FetgatterTHIRD READING PASSED89/2
Details 04/17/2019SB419Health services; allowing certain licensingMillerTHIRD READING PASSED94/0
Details 04/17/2019SB993Insurance; defining short-term, limited-durationMooreTHIRD READING PASSED72/22
Details 04/17/2019SB961[Savings accounts; creating the Oklahoma HomeWest (Tammy)THIRD READING PASSED92/0
Details 04/17/2019SB629Narcotic treatment programs; granting opioidTownleyTHIRD READING PASSED93/0
Details 04/17/2019SB108Public health and safety; creating the DeathRoberts (Sean)THIRD READING PASSED59/36
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