House of Representatives

House Advances Bill Requiring Valid State IDs for Inmates Upon Release

3/11/2020 3:56:00 PM

Contact: State Rep. Marilyn Stark
Phone: (405) 557-7403 

The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed legislation today to require the Dept. of Corrections and Dept. of Public Safety to coordinate to issue valid state identification to inmates upon their release.

House Bill 1310 by Rep. Marilyn Stark (R-Bethany) creates the “Inmate ID Act of 2020” and would require the Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections to coordinate with the Dept. of Public Safety to provide a noncompliant REAL ID to all offenders who don’t have a state-issued ID prior to their release.

“I am so pleased the House voted unanimously to pass this important piece of legislation to help people leaving incarceration find employment,” Stark said. “People who have served their time need our support to help prevent them from falling back into bad situations and returning to prison. Lowering our recidivism rate will take several different policy approaches, but this is a major first step in the right direction.”

 The Dept. of Corrections would identify inmates expected to leave custody within the next nine months and begin the process of gathering the documentation required to issue a REAL ID. The ID cards would be valid for four years from the month of issuance; however, IDs issued to an inmate aged 65 or older would be valid indefinitely from the month of issuance.

The bill also stipulates that if no other form of identification is available, DPS must allow the use of a DOC-issued consolidated record card to serve as a valid identification to obtain a noncompliant REAL ID. Any ID issued through this process would be valid for two years from the month of issuance and would be nonrenewable. These IDs would be available at a cost of $12.50 per ID.

HB 1310 passed the House 96-0 and is now available to be considered on the House floor.


Rep. Marilyn Stark, a Republican, serves District 100 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Her district includes portions of Bethany, Oklahoma City and Warr Acres.