House of Representatives

Dollens Commits to Addressing Rising Child Care Costs

7/12/2021 3:02:00 PM

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Mickey Dollens, D-OKC, announced Tuesday his plan to help Oklahoma families manage the rising costs of child care. 

The Oklahoma City lawmaker plans to file three pieces of legislation to curb child care costs for most Oklahomans: 

  1. Raise the income cap on the Department of Human Services Child Care Subsidy program to increase the number of Oklahoma families that qualify.
  2. Enact a seven percent household income cap on child care costs.
  3. Allocate tuition reimbursement to qualified daycares based on enrollment, not attendance.

“Parents and guardians shouldn’t have to struggle to find affordable, quality child care,” Dollens said. “The seven percent household income cap alone would save parents thousands. If the Legislature can give corporations more than $100 million a year in tax breaks as we did just a couple of months ago, we can find a way to help working moms and dads.”

Dollens got the idea from constituents who continue to speak with him about child care costs. As a father himself, understanding the issue was easy. 

“I feel their pain,” Dollens said. “I have young ones, and I know how hard it is going through that waitlist process and then trying to figure out how to budget for it. With these initiatives, we can lessen that burden and give Oklahoma parents a boost in support. Affordable, reliable child care is an economic driver that allows parents to work and families to grow.” 

To contact the office of State Rep. Mickey Dollens, call (405)557-7371 or email