House of Representatives

Moore Sends Letter to Attorney General Requesting Action on Stillwater Restroom Policy

4/27/2022 10:06:00 AM

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Anthony Moore, R-Clinton, sent a letter to Oklahoma Attorney General John O'Connor on April 22, 2022 requesting that his office take action regarding a recent resolution passed by the Stillwater Public Schools Board of Education expressing their intent to continue a controversial school restroom policy.

The policy in question permits transgender students to use student restrooms that align with their gender identity. In their resolution, the Stillwater School Board said it would continue the policy unless "it has no choice but to alter its practice because of binding authority directing otherwise."

"My colleagues and I have received numerous calls asking for us to take action on this issue," Moore said. "I think it is important that Attorney General O'Connor steps in and issues an official opinion making clear exactly what the law says about the school board's actions. We must protect our kids, and we have seen these policies in other states create very dangerous situations for female students. My colleagues and I believe it is appropriate for Attorney General O'Connor to weigh in on the issue so we can then see what possible next steps are needed to ensure that all of our students feel safe at school."

The letter, signed by Moore and 15 other legislators, asks Attorney General O'Connor to issue an official opinion within two weeks in response to the following questions:

1. Is the practice cited by the Stillwater Public Schools Board of Education in violation of state law?

2. Does prohibition of allowing students to use the bathroom of their choice based on gender identity violate state law?

O'Connor has not yet issued a legal opinion on this request.