House of Representatives

Speaker McCall comments on reported overturning of Roe v. Wade by SCOTUS

5/3/2022 9:37:00 AM

OKLAHOMA CITY – House Speaker Charles McCall, R-Atoka, issued the following statement in response to widespread reports of the U.S. Supreme Court voting to overturn Roe v. Wade:

“Decades of steadfast prayer and unwavering legislative efforts to protect the lives of the unborn are finally on the doorsteps of success. The seemingly imminent overturning of Roe v. Wade justifies the long battle by Oklahoma House Republicans and pro-life allies nationwide to return this matter to the duly elected representatives of state legislatures to decide.

When the Supreme Court’s reported vote is finalized, Oklahoma’s trigger law and other proactive pro-life policies we have enacted will immediately end abortion here and set the stage for Oklahoma to become the most pro-life state in the nation.

For close to 50 years, the silent cries of the millions who lost their lives before even having a chance to live have been heard through the voices of those of us fighting for their rights. The pro-life movement won, securing those yet unborn the future and promise that comes with being born in the United States of America." - House Speaker Charles McCall, R-Atoka