House of Representatives

Dysgraphia Information Coming to SDE Handbook

5/9/2022 10:55:00 AM

Contact: Rep. Randy Randleman
Phone: (405) 557-7375

Legislation to increase awareness of dysgraphia among teachers, parents and students has been signed into law. 

House Bill 2768, authored by Rep. Randy Randleman, R-Eufaula, would require the dyslexia handbook task force to add information on dysgraphia to the State Dept. of Education's Dyslexia Handbook. 

Dysgraphia is a learning disability that manifests in difficulties spelling, writing numbers or certain letters, or writing by hand. There are numerous techniques to help children with dysgraphia succeed in school, but it is commonly undiagnosed. 

Randleman, a psychologist with over 30 years' experience working with students in Oklahoma schools, said adding information about dysgraphia to the dyslexia handbook would help educators recognize dysgraphia in their students and begin the process of addressing it. 

"When undiagnosed and untreated, learning disabilities like dysgraphia and dyslexia have an enormous effect on a child's ability to succeed in school, which in turn affects their self-esteem," Randleman said. "Unfortunately, dysgraphia often goes undetected due to a lack of awareness of the symptoms. I'm glad this change is coming to the dyslexia handbook so we can help thousands of Oklahoma students succeed academically."

The bill was authored in the Senate by Sen. Rob Standridge, R-Norman. 

“I think many people are familiar with dyslexia and how it makes it difficult for children to learn to read, but not many people are familiar with dysgraphia, which makes it difficult for children to write – both skills are critical for succeeding in school and throughout life,” Standridge said. “This new law will raise awareness, and help better assist children with dysgraphia to improve their writing ability.”

HB2768 goes into effect Nov. 1.