House of Representatives

Culver Celebrates Signing of Bill Related to Settlements Involving Minors

5/9/2022 3:06:00 PM

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Bob Ed Culver, R-Tahlequah, today celebrated the signing of a bill that creates the Oklahoma Statutory Thresholds for Settlements Involving Minors Act of 2022. The bill, House Bill 3076, was signed into law last week by Governor Kevin Stitt.

"Any time minors are party to a settlement, we need to make sure they have the most fair representation possible," Culver said. "This bill makes sure that minors get what is rightfully theirs and ensures that they aren't taken advantage of during the process. I am proud to have authored this piece of legislation that protects our children and stands up for their rights in settlement cases."

HB 3076 clarifies when a person with legal custody may enter into a settlement agreement on behalf of a minor, establishes how monies should be paid out and explains the duties of an attorney representing children in these cases.