House of Representatives

Culver Bill Relating to Marriage Licenses Signed by Governor

5/12/2022 3:09:00 PM

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Bob Ed Culver, R-Tahlequah, yesterday saw Governor Kevin Stitt sign a bill he authored relating to marriage licenses. HB 3075 would modify language in Oklahoma statutes regarding marriage licenses and name changes.

"This bill is a simple but important one that provides cleanup language for some of our statutes regarding the issuance of marriage licenses and name changes," Culver said. "Flashy bills about controversial topics often get the headlines, and they are important, but this bill will have an immediate impact for Oklahomans, and I'm proud to have authored it."

HB3075 provides that any reissued marriage certificate contain the original marriage date and are notated as "reissued" or "amended." The measure also specifies that the name on the marriage certificate may be any combination of either party's names, but the marriage certificate cannot be used to do a full name change. The measure stipulates that once issued, marriage licenses are valid for 30 days and the marriage ceremony must be performed no more than 30 days from issuance. The license and completed marriage certificate must be returned no more than 30 days after issuance.