Caldwell Streamlines State Bond Office

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Caldwell Streamlines State Bond Office 


OKLAHOMA CITY – Legislation that looks to provide efficiency to the Oklahoma State Bond Advisor’s Office and transparency in the bond underwriting process has passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives with a vote of 84 to 0.


House Bill 1583, authored by Rep. Chad Caldwell, would consolidate the Oklahoma State Bond Advisor Office so that it would fall under the purview of the Oklahoma State Treasurer’s Office. The legislation would also require financial agents, banks, and underwriters to disclose financial contributions to individuals or organizations that may play a role in the bond issuance process.


“I am pleased to see bipartisan efforts to give transparency to the people,” said Rep. Caldwell, R-Enid. “By removing unnecessary complexity and streamlining the bond advisors office, we are able to cut costs while still benefitting from the same level of service and expertise provided by the staff in this area.”