Bill to Close Loophole on Paternity Fraud Passes Senate Committee

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A bill that will extend the time for men to prove paternity fraud passed the Senate Judiciary Committee this week.


House Bill 2270, by Josh West, R-Grove, and Chris Kidd, R-Addington, would extend until a child’s 18th birthday the right of a judge to determine paternity fraud, freeing men from paying child support for children found not to be their biological heirs. Current statute limits questions of paternity to two years after a child’s birth


“There are cases that have come before the courts in which a man is proven not to be the father of a child and in which actual fraud is proven, and yet he was forced to continue to support the child,” West said. “Fraud in any form should not be tolerated. If a man has raised a child and wants to continue paying support for that child, that is fine. But if fraud occurs and a man is told he is a father when he is not, he should be freed from that obligation. This bill also allows men who may not know they are a father to choose be more actively involved in their child’s life if paternity is proven after the two-year limit.”


West said he ran a similar bill in 2017 that passed the House but was not heard in the Senate. He worked this year with judges, Department of Human Services attorneys and the director of DHS on wording that all could agree on to craft this measure.


HB 2270 is now eligible to be heard by the full Senate. If passed, it can advance to the governor to be signed into law.