Fetgatter Sees Kaylee’s Law Signed by Governor

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Contact: State Rep. Scott Fetgatter

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OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Scott Fetgatter (R-Okmulgee) this week witnessed the ceremonial signing of Kaylee’s Law by Gov. Kevin Stitt at the Oklahoma Capitol.


House Bill 1881, named Kaylee’s Law after a constituent in Fetgatter’s House district, directs the courts to issue orders of no contact from people convicted of sexual abuse or exploitation crimes to their victims.


“The victim for whom this law is named was contacted by the man serving prison time for crimes against her,” Fetgatter said. “He sent her a birthday card, pictures and newspaper clippings talking about how beautiful she’d grown up to be. This is akin to a fresh assault against this young lady who had begun to heal and move on with her life. This law puts orders in place to protect such victims from such contact.”


Fetgatter was joined at the bill signing by Sen. Kim David (R-Porter), the Senate author of the bill, as well as the victim, other family members and victims’ rights advocates.


The bill takes effect Nov. 1