Pro-Family Changing Table Legislation Passes House

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Legislation to make state buildings more accessible to families passed the House on Wednesday evening with a vote of 77 to 20.

House Bill 2017, authored by Rep. Kelly Albright (D-OKC), would require changing tables in public restrooms in state and municipal buildings that are often frequented by the public. 

“Since 2018, I have been working diligently with multiple parties and entities to address the concerns in legislation that will assure family-friendly access to government buildings,” said Albright. “This bill presents a common-sense compromise with the least financial impact to our taxpayers, but with a great payoff for families and children. 

“Every Oklahoman starts their life with diaper changing needs; this will send the clear message that Oklahoma is proud of being a child- and family-friendly state.”

HB2017 is now eligible to be heard in the Senate.