House Republicans Send Letter of Support to AG Hunter

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OKLAHOMA CITY –  A group of Oklahoma House Republicans, led by Rep. Anthony Moore, R-Clinton, and House Speaker Charles McCall, R-Atoka, today sent a letter to Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter expressing their support for his efforts to work with local and statewide law enforcement to track reported transactions by aliens or foreign entities who acquire title to real property in Oklahoma with an underlying criminal purpose.  

The letter follows after House Bill 1497, a bill that prohibits property ownership by aliens from countries that ban United States citizens from owning property in that country, passed in the House 88-5. The bill, authored by McCall, was carried on the House floor by Rep. Kevin McDugle, R-Broken Arrow.

The following lawmakers signed on to the letter:


The full text of the letter is below:

March 30, 2021

Attorney General Mike Hunter

313 NE 21st St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Dear Attorney General Hunter:

As you are aware, non-U.S. Citizens and foreign business entities (those formed under the law of a foreign country) can acquire title to real property in the United States, but this has been occurring at an alarming rate throughout our great State.

This has the potential to threaten the security of the United States and any state in which an alien or foreign business enterprise holds title to land.  As you know, these threats have caused great concern to my constituents and many others throughout Oklahoma.

It is my understanding that you are currently working with law enforcement officials across the state to obtain information on any questionable land purchases and determine if other illegal activity is occurring in conjunction with these property transfers.

On behalf of myself and the other members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, whose signatures are appended to this letter, we fully support your efforts as the chief law enforcement officer for the State of Oklahoma to work with local and statewide law enforcement to track reported transactions in which an alien or foreign entity acquires title to real property with an underlying possible criminal purpose for the acquisition and to generally determine whether the acquisitions pose a safety or security risk to the citizens of the State of Oklahoma.  We also support your intent to report such violations or concerns to any other federal or state entities with jurisdiction over such matters.

We look forward to supporting your compilation efforts in any way we can, including encouraging our local law enforcement officers to cooperate with your office in gathering information to determine if further investigation is warranted by any other state or federal agency.

Respectfully submitted,


Representative Anthony Moore

Speaker Charles McCall