RELEASE: Roberts Comments on Supreme Court Ruling

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Sean Roberts, R-Hominy, issued the following statement regarding a Supreme Court ruling on COVID-19 vaccine mandates for private employers and healthcare workers announced earlier today:

"I am pleased that today the Supreme Court has made the right decision in striking down the Biden Administration's policy of forcing over 84 million Americans in private businesses to vaccinate against COVID-19. Federal government agencies have no constitutionally given right to force American businesses to test or vaccinate their employees.

However, today the Supreme Court has also ruled that COVID-19 vaccine and testing mandates in healthcare facilities should be allowed. This ruling is disastrous and downright dangerous for rural Oklahomans. These mandates have already forced hundreds of Oklahoma healthcare heroes out of a career that they love. Many of these heroes lost their jobs and their livelihood. Now, Oklahoma healthcare facilities have increased costs from hiring travel or agency nurses because of staffing shortages. This is putting Oklahomans' health at risk and is unacceptable.

In July of last year, 19 of my House colleagues and I sent a letter to Governor Stitt requesting he either draft an executive order or call a special session to stop vaccine mandates in healthcare facilities. That did not happen, so in this session, the legislature must take action to end medical tyranny and help us secure and protect our most basic human rights and civil liberties."