House Republicans send inflation relief to Senate

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House Republican leadership issued the following statements Wednesday after sending inflation relief bills to the Senate in special session:

"The Senate has spent all its time this week finding reasons not to help Oklahomans with inflation. From starting studies, to refusing to author bills senators already authored in regular session, to deliberately not convening session for action on bills passed by the House and requested by the governor, the Senate has run out of excuses. Oklahomans are tired of waiting. The Senate should act now." - House Speaker Charles McCall, R-Atoka 

"The inflation relief the House delivered can become law as soon as the Senate stops delaying and starts acting. The House desk remains open to receive whichever bills the Senate passes so the governor can sign them into law, contrary to inaccurate statements otherwise. The bottom line is if the Senate was passing bills instead of fabricating false legal excuses, Oklahomans could stop paying state sales tax on groceries come July 1. If senators don't want to help Oklahomans, they should just say so and stop blaming everyone but themselves." – House Majority Floor Leader Jon Echols, R-Oklahoma City, Esq.

The House sent the following bills to the Senate on Wednesday in the Third Extraordinary Session of the 58th Oklahoma Legislature:

Can the bills become law?

According to House legal staff, there is no legal basis to back up false claims that these bills cannot become law. Because the House directed its desk to remain open after the special session Sine Die motion, the bills can be received after the Senate votes on them and sent to the governor for signature. The desk can remain open as long as is necessary. It does not have to close today. All that is needed for these bills to become law are Senate votes to approve them and signatures from the governor, who has signaled his support.