Friday, October 18, 2019 2:20:23 AM

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SB4910/14/2019 4:38:34 PM10/14/2019 4:38:34 PMBy Nollan of the House and Ikley-Freeman of the Senate.Private schools; requiring disclosure of certain employment and wage information. Effective date.

SB6410/14/2019 4:38:34 PM10/14/2019 4:38:34 PMBy Humphrey of the House and Standridge of the Senate.[Crime and punishment; adding certain domestic violence offenses to the 85% list. Effective date.]

SB8410/14/2019 4:38:34 PM10/14/2019 4:38:34 PMBy Lowe of the House and Young of the Senate.Special license plates; creating Millwood High School Alumni license plate. Effective date.

SB11210/14/2019 4:38:34 PM10/14/2019 4:38:34 PMBy Virgin of the House and Young of the Senate.[Crimes and punishments; prohibiting life without parole for juveniles. Effective date.]

SB12610/14/2019 4:38:34 PM10/14/2019 4:38:34 PMBy Lepak of the House and Bergstrom of the Senate.[Construction Industries Board; prohibiting certain license number on certain advertisement.]

SB17710/14/2019 4:38:34 PM10/14/2019 4:38:34 PMBy Pae of the House and Sharp of the Senate.State government; requiring state agencies publish certain information relating to revenue on an annual basis. Effective date.

SB99979/18/20193/4/2019 7:05:00 PMBy Weaver of the Senate.This is test for SB9997This is test This is test This is test This is test This is test This is test

SB999810/14/2019 4:38:34 PM10/14/2019 4:38:34 PMBy Allen of the Senate.This is test for SB9998