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Committee Votes for 2019 - 57th Legislature, 1st Regular Session

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Details 03/11/2019RULESSB457Oklahoma Department of Transportation; appointing McCall, TreatDO PASS PASSED6/2
Details 03/11/2019RULESSB456Oklahoma Health Care Authority; appointing adminisMcCall, TreatDO PASS PASSED6/2
Details 02/28/2019RULESHB2227Schools; Oklahoma Higher Learning AccessProgram; pRussDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED7/0
Details 02/28/2019RULESHB2088Professions and occupations; Oklahoma Inspectors AFetgatterDO PASS PASSED7/0
Details 02/28/2019PUBLIC SAFETYHB1389Public health and safety; Smoking in Public PlacesTownleyDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED9/0
Details 02/28/2019RULESHB2429Elections; authorizing certain data validation forRoberts (Sean)DO PASS PASSED6/1
Details 02/28/2019PUBLIC SAFETYHB1181Mental Health; treatment and medication;inmates coBushDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED10/0
Details 02/28/2019PUBLIC SAFETYHB1100Public health and safety; modifying elements of ceMangerDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED8/3
Details 02/28/2019RULESHB2282Prisons and reformatories; removing timelimitationWest (Josh)DO PASS PASSED7/0
Details 02/28/2019RULESHB2613Medical marijuana; creating the MedicalMarijuana AEcholsDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED7/0
Details 02/28/2019RULESHB2458Criminal procedure; providing time limitations on DunningtonDO PASS PASSED7/0
Details 02/28/2019RULESHB2112Energy; creating the Energy Reform Act of 2019; efODonnellDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED7/0
Details 02/28/2019PUBLIC SAFETYHB1332Motor vehicles; allowing all-terrain vehicles to bSterlingDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED10/1
Details 02/28/2019RULESHB2053Health care; Oklahoma Health Care Development Act;SandersDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED7/0
Details 02/28/2019RULESHB2594Schools; creating the Seizure-Safe Schools Act; emEcholsDO PASS PASSED7/0
Details 02/28/2019PUBLIC SAFETYHB1932Public health and safety; specifying measurement iMangerDO PASS PASSED11/0
Details 02/28/2019RULESHB1750Public health and safety; Oklahoma Public Health aMcCallDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED7/0
Details 02/28/2019PUBLIC SAFETYHB2000State government; authorizing investigations of crBoatmanDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED10/0
Details 02/28/2019RULESHB1774Roads and bridges; creating the OklahomaRoads and McCallDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED6/0
Details 02/28/2019PUBLIC SAFETYHB2281Prisons and reformatories; expanding scope of defiWest (Josh)DO PASS PASSED11/0
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